Case Studies

Want to know what it’s like to work with us, or what kinds of problems we work on? Here are some snapshots of client work we’ve done.

Our Work

Global Agriculture Company — Data Strategy

Financial Software Company — Machine Learning Assessment

Global Insurance Company — Data Architecture

UK Retail and Banking Company — Agile Data Engineering

Online Media Company — Data Platform Building

UK Retailer — Data Strategy

Financial Software Company — Data Science and Agile Build

Fintech Startup — Data Strategy

Wearable Medical Device — Customer Engagement

Leading Investment Management Firm — High-Performance Data Architecture

Global Sportswear Brand — Product Engagement Analytics

Wearable Medical Device — Agile Data Science

Leading Retail Chain—Agile Build

Multinational Industrial Technology—Agile Build

High-Tech Computing—Data Strategy

Industrial IoT—Architecture Advisory

Leading Global IT Services Provider — Agile Build

Wearable Medical Device — Architecture Advisory

Television — Architecture Advisory

Edmunds — Agile Build

Edmunds — Agile Build

Health Integrated — Data Strategy

Health Integrated — Data Strategy

The Allant Group — Architecture Advisory & Agile Build

The Allant Group — Architecture Advisory & Agile Build

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