Understanding the Chief Data Officer

To manage today’s flood of available data, a number of high-profile corporations have adopted a new position in addition to existing CTOs and CIOs: the Chief Data Officer, or CDO. In this report, Julie Steele provides a clear, concise look at how CDOs view their nascent role in high-profile organizations such as Wells Fargo, Samsung, the Republican National Committee, Allstate, and the Federal Reserve Board.

Although there are as many CDO implementations as there are organizations that employ them, some distinct patterns have emerged. This report presents a picture of the current landscape, as well as some guidelines and best practices for those considering adding a CDO role to their own company.

  • Learn why the main goal of the CDO is not technological, but to create and drive business value.
  • Discover how CDOs emerged from the need for strict data governance and gradually are becoming the primary data strategists.
  • Understand the challenges of the role, such as the ability to centralize data, evangelize data-driven approaches, and facilitate initiatives.
  • Determine your need for a CDO, and learn how to find a candidate with the right mix of technical, business, and people skills.

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