Meg Blanchette

Meg has spent her professional life helping to facilitate technical dialogues and spread knowledge. She excels in building professional relationships across fields of expertise and in refining content for all audiences.

Recent Posts

Noteworthy Links: Using Data Creatively

Being data-driven means breaking down silos within organizations, promoting communication, and being deliberate about the data you collect and use. Here are five articles that illustrate how modern organizations are tackling this challenge.

Imbalanced Classes FAQ

Here we share some further thoughts on imbalanced classes, and offer more resources.

Noteworthy Links: September 22 2016

We’re at Enterprise Dataversity this week in Chicago, and next week we’ll be in NYC for Strata + Hadoop World. In the midst of this busy September, here are some articles we’ve come across and enjoyed.

Noteworthy Links: Social Media Edition

In this post we share some links to interesting work being done with social media data.

Hadooponomics Interview: The Evolution of Data

VP of Strategy Edd Dumbill was recently interviewed by James Haight on the Hadooponomics podcast. Find the audio and transcript here.

Materialized Views with Cassandra

In this screencast, Principal Engineer and Cassandra committer Gary Dusbabek provides an overview of Materialized Views.

Noteworthy Links: Hadoop Edition

Hadoop is 10 years old! Check out these related links.

Becoming Data Driven: A Conversation with Sanjay Mathur

CEO Sanjay Mathur recently took time to discuss first steps businesses can take when becoming data driven, and why the effort is worthwhile. You can find the full interview here.

Noteworthy Links

Here are some links from around the internet to get you in a Strata state of mind.

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