Fausto Inestroza

Combining his expertise of emerging technologies and cross-industry experience, Fausto helps clients architect big data platforms and build data-driven products. He has extensive experience with data platforms, analytical processes and distributed systems.

Recent Posts

Building Data Systems: What Do You Need?

In this post, we’re going to go over the capabilities you need to have in place in order to successfully build and maintain data systems and data infrastructure.

Understanding Modern Data Systems

In this post, Fausto talks about the characteristics that differentiate data infrastructure development from traditional development, and highlights key issues to look out for.

Connecting Data Systems and DevOps

In this post, Fausto explains why anyone transforming their company into a data-driven organization should care about software development best practices, even if they don’t consider themselves a software company.

Past Events


  • Data Lakes in the Real World: Ask Us Anything


    Modern data architectures look radically different as we move towards a new idea of data platforms. During this “ask us anything” webinar we will discuss our experiences building new data architectures and take your questions.

  • Cassandra Summit

    Santa Clara, CA

    SVDS presents two sessions at the Cassandra Summit: a look at the migration of our client Allant’s CDI-keying engine from Oracle to Cassandra; and a how-to on using Cassandra as a platform for building a custom distributed system.

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