Agile Build

Every company is unique, and creating a genuine market advantage requires both skill and flexibility. We deploy holistic teams of engineers and data scientists, highly skilled practitioners with experience at the forefront of data technology. Work with us on your data projects, and gain access to world-class talent that works closely with your business. Our agile methods ensure we’re accountable, responsive, and focused on results.

Agile Build In Brief

  • We bring engineering and data science talent to build your data projects.
  • Cross-functional teams are focused and effective.
  • The Agile approach delivers results rapidly and responsively.

Why Agile Build?

The best way to drive data projects is to deploy skilled, multi-talented teams. You can’t have good data science without good data, and you can’t get good data without good engineering. We’re practiced at building and managing the right blend of talent to create robust solutions tuned to meet your business needs. We relish hard problems, and make it a priority to deliver results quickly.

Our Agile approach, over a schedule of multiple sprints, gives you regular insight and control in the development process and allows us to react together to changing market conditions. The way we work offers you many advantages over traditional consulting practices:

  • We stay tightly involved with you, and remain accountable for delivering value rapidly
  • Cross-functional teams ensure the solution is fit for the purpose and intelligently constructed
  • Surgical-size teams can move quickly, with minimal bureaucracy
  • Our teams stay together, and are up to speed as soon as you need them
  • Our teams are backed by access to the full depth and experience of our entire staff

We’re named Silicon Valley Data Science not just for the location of our HQ, but also because we bring the rapid and adaptable development practices of the Valley within reach of every industry.

Agile Build In Depth

Our work together follows four stages, from planning through to production.

Plan. We begin with a hypothesis and an evaluation of the data and workloads that support your business objectives. Sprint plans and technology needs are identified.

Prove. We develop prototypes to validate the hypothesis. If results are promising, the team focuses on designing for business insights.

Pilot. Statistical models, data infrastructure, and data feeds are built out. We work with you to educate your team about the technology and decision-making opportunities from the data.

Production. Your systems are scaled to support production workloads while operational management for your solution is transferred to your internal team.

Within each stage, our team works against a schedule of multiple sprints. Each sprint typically runs for two weeks and concludes with deliverables for joint review. This means you’ll have frequent access to intermediate results, and project deliverables can adapt to changing requirements. Each subsequent sprint delivers incremental benefits, and incorporates feedback from stakeholders.

If you’re ready to build, start a conversation now and see how we can help. If you need services at a more strategic or architectural level, check out our Data Strategy and Architecture Advisory services.

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