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Data Opportunities in Insurance

In this post we explore how data is changing the insurance industry, through the lens of auto insurance underwriting.

Imbalanced Classes FAQ

Here we share some further thoughts on imbalanced classes, and offer more resources.

Beyond Privacy and Security in a Connected World

In this post, we’ll cover the difference between data rights versus privacy and security, and you’ll be introduced to some projects that show how the technology industry is evolving to develop scalable solutions around intersecting concerns in data management and authorization.

Noteworthy Links: September 22 2016

We’re at Enterprise Dataversity this week in Chicago, and next week we’ll be in NYC for Strata + Hadoop World. In the midst of this busy September, here are some articles we’ve come across and enjoyed.

Learning from Imbalanced Classes

This post gives insight and concrete advice on how to tackle imbalanced data.

Connecting Data Systems and DevOps

In this post, Fausto explains why anyone transforming their company into a data-driven organization should care about software development best practices, even if they don’t consider themselves a software company.

Noteworthy Links

Here are some links from around the internet to get you in a Strata state of mind.

The Basics of Classifier Evaluation, Part 2

A previous blog post made the point that classifiers shouldn’t use classification accuracy as a performance metric. The next part in this series was going to discuss other evaluation techniques such as ROC curves, profit curves, and lift curves. However, there are several important points to be made first. Here I present a sequence that shows the progression and inter-relation of the issues.

The Basics of Classifier Evaluation, Part 1

If it’s easy, it’s probably wrong.

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