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Streaming Video Analysis in Python

In this post, we discuss our Raspberry Pi streaming video analysis software, which we use to better predict Caltrain delays.

Image Processing in Python

In this post, we go over the steps for creating a proof of concept for the image processing piece of our Caltrain work.

Introduction to Trainspotting

In this post we’ll start looking at the nuts and bolts of making our Caltrain work possible.

Talking About the Caltrain

On May 6th, SVDS was honored to host an Open Data Science Conference (ODSC) Meetup in our Mountain View headquarters. Data Engineer Harrison Mebane and Data Scientist Christian Perez presented on our Caltrain project.

IoT and Resilient Systems

We believe there are clearly some compelling value propositions that come from integrating the visibility from the IoT into applications that help understand and manage the state of complex systems. With the internet of things, the more things, really, the merrier.

Analyzing Caltrain Delays: What We Can Learn

In this post, we will explore some aspects of the train delay data we’ve been collecting from the Caltrain API over the past few months. The goal is to get our heads into the data before setting off on building a prediction model.

How Do You Build a Data Product?

Data products are the reason data scientists are lately treated like rockstars. Along the way at SVDS, we’ve learned a few things about data products, which we shared as we told the story of the Caltrain Rider app.

Listening to Caltrain: Analyzing Train Whistles with Data Science

Many people who live and work in Silicon Valley depend on Caltrain for transportation. And because the SVDS headquarters are in Sunnyvale, not far from a station, Caltrain is literally in our own backyard. So. as an R&D project, we have been playing with data science techniques to understand and predict delays in the Caltrain […]

Railroad Modeling at Hadoop Scale

Data Scientist Tatsiana Maskalevich and CTO John Akred presented at this year’s Hadoop Summit in San Jose,

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