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The Venn Diagram of Data Strategy

Data strategy matters to both business and tech. It’s a problem that sits in the center of a Venn diagram, and if we get stuck thinking of those two domains as existing solely in completely separate silos, we’ll lock ourselves out of that key middle ground where the really important problems get solved.

Noteworthy Links: Fintech Industry

This post shares links that illustrate how some financial services organizations are using data science and data analytics to innovate and improve their products and services and become more data-driven.

The One Key Skill of the CDO

In this post, Julie talks about the necessary skills for a CDO, as learned through her research for the “Understanding the Chief Data Officer” report.

We Need a New Data Architecture: What Next?

In this revamped classic, Edd looks at the challenges of moving forward with a new architecture, and where you need to start.

Streaming Video Analysis in Python

In this post, we discuss our Raspberry Pi streaming video analysis software, which we use to better predict Caltrain delays.

With Data, Ask “What” Before “How”

At the Strata + Hadoop World conference in New York last week, there were an impressive 16 tracks of session talks. A lot of them focused on the tools that everyone is excited about, but I focused on the goals people are using data science to accomplish. Here are a few of the sessions that stood out.

Beyond Privacy and Security in a Connected World

In this post, we’ll cover the difference between data rights versus privacy and security, and you’ll be introduced to some projects that show how the technology industry is evolving to develop scalable solutions around intersecting concerns in data management and authorization.

Noteworthy Links: September 22 2016

We’re at Enterprise Dataversity this week in Chicago, and next week we’ll be in NYC for Strata + Hadoop World. In the midst of this busy September, here are some articles we’ve come across and enjoyed.

Jupyter Notebook Best Practices for Data Science

Editor’s note: Welcome to Throwback Thursdays! Every third Thursday of the month, we feature a classic post from the earlier days of our company, gently updated as appropriate. We still find them helpful, and we think you will, too! The original version of this post can be found here. The Jupyter Notebook is a fantastic […]

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