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Avoiding Common Mistakes with Time Series Analysis

A basic mantra in statistics and data science is correlation is not causation, meaning that just because two things appear to be related to each other doesn’t mean that one causes the other. This is a lesson worth learning.

Trends in Data-Driven IoT

In this post, we go over some emerging themes in IoT and give you a solid place to start in understanding the ecosystem.

Imbalanced Classes FAQ

Here we share some further thoughts on imbalanced classes, and offer more resources.

Techniques and Technologies: Topology and TensorFlow

In early December we hosted a meetup, featuring Dr. Alli Gilmore discussing topological data analysis, and Dr. Andrew Zaldivar covering practical usage of Tensorflow.

How Do You Build a Data Product?

Data products are those whose core functions leverage data, be they physical products, software, or services. Edd dives deeper into building data products here.

Agile Data Science Teams Deliver Real World Results

In this post, CTO John Akred looks at the practical ingredients of managing agile data science.

Big Data is About Agility

Any technology is only as good as the way in which you use it.

When Decisions Are Driven by More Than Data

Stories are all about relationships, and so are data. It’s not the datapoints, or the nodes, that matter—it’s the edges between them that paint the trendlines and allow us to say something about our future.

Embracing Experimentation at AstroHackWeek 2016

Senior Data Scientist Jonathan Whitmore talks about experimentation and agility, based on his time at the unconference.

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