Your data is a vital asset

At Silicon Valley Data Science, we help you realize the data advantage.

Silicon Valley Data Science is a consulting firm of elite data science and engineering teams who specialize in data-driven product development and business transformation.

Ready to meet difficult and large-scale data challenges, we blend Silicon Valley's pioneering data technology with the best in agile development methods.

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We help you grasp the business opportunity of data-driven technology, and meet the challenge of rapid change and scarce skills.

How we work with you

We start our journey with a collaborative workshop, evaluating business opportunities for your data, and exploring architectures and applications of big data and data science.

Our consulting engagements range from advisory and strategy services, providing education and investigation, through proofs of concept and pilot implementations, to full scale production systems supporting data-driven business processes.

Relishing tough problems and fast time-to-value, we bring the best engineering and data science skills to focus on your business.

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"The key to unlocking big data is building skilled and proficient data teams"

Reasons to work with us

We handle everything from architecture to algorithms
Our teams blend both great data science and engineering
We’re on top of the technology landscape, and know what works
As we work together, we build up your team’s expertise
We are part of and contribute to the broader big data community
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